styling & PERSONAL

you know that friend that you can always count on when it comes to advice on style? the person you can call or text when you're lost finding the perfect outfit for the perfect occasion; i am and will always be that friend. there is true magic in finding a piece that allows your confidence to soar. after getting to know who you are and what you inspire to  be, i will be able to find you those pieces and transform the way you view yourself. allow me to translate what you want to say by giving you the right tools in your wardrobe to do so. i guarantee that you will be more inspired than ever after just one session. 100/hr




imagine being able to go to your closet and pick something out with ease. getting dressed should be effortless and exciting. like a lot of us, we have an over consumption of items that make this process overwhelming. my closet reorganization services will provide you the tools that will help you meet all of your styling goals. you and i together will go through all of your clothing items and make sure that every piece left in your closet serves a purpose. 100/hr



Packing services

over packing is a real thing! this package will not only help you avoid that but it will also reveal the potential of your favorite pieces. i will make sure that you will be dressed to impress for every situation on your trip. you will walk away with the best travel hacks and a peace of mind while traveling. 80/hr